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The super fact to Enchanted Well, Brazil

The Chapada Diamantina National Park is a 1,520 km² national stop in the Chapada Diamantina District of the State of Bahia Northeast Brazil. The recreation center is spotted between 41º 35 41º15 W and 12º 25 13º 20 South around 400 kilometers inland from Salvador which is the capital city of Bahia.

water falls beside trees in nature photography
Enchanted Well,

The recreation center was made in the 1980s in light of developing ecotourism. This is the suitably named enchanted well or Poço Encantado spotted in Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia state Brazil. The well was framed through the disintegration of an underground stream in the encompassing limestone environment. The water is clear to the point that stones and tree stumps can obviously be seen despite the fact that the water is 60 meters from top to bottom.

To add to the scene a little hole permits the penetration of daylight at sure times bringing about an amazing waterfall of light blue light. Chapada is a Brazilian word that implies a district of steep bluffs for the most part at the edge of a level. Diamantina alludes to the jewels found there in the mid-nineteenth century.

Geography Enchanted Well

The super fact to Enchanted Well, Brazil

The area is semi-dry in any case it has no deficiency of water from the numerous waterways and streams. By and large, the height of the recreation center is somewhere around 800 and 1000 meters above ocean level in spite of the fact that parts are as high as 2000 meters above. In this spot is spotted the most astounding purpose of the state in Pico do Barbados with 2,036 meters. The recreation center is embodied by slopes mountains valleys and stone monoliths in few fields.

Access Enchanted Well

The super fact to Enchanted Well, Brazil

Week by week flights by TRIP Linhas Aéreas joins Horácio de Mattos Airport which is the entryway of Chapada Diamantina with Salvador da Bahia which is the capital of the state. There are transports leaving the Salvador Bus Station day by day too.

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